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Jaime Ortega
I am an Associate Professor of Management at Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain.

My research studies the economic costs and benefits of human resource management (HRM) policies.

Faced with competitive pressure, organizations have increasingly introduced HRM practices that reward employees for their individual performance. In this endeavor they are confronted with numerous questions about how employees should be rewarded (paid/promoted), how jobs should be designed, and how reward policies should be combined  with job design choices. Answers are not simple because economic incentives can be very powerful, but can also generate large distortions. Moreover, the HRM practices that companies have been introducing typically involve giving more autonomy to lower-level employees, which can have benefits in terms of flexibility but also costs due to loss of control. Choosing between alternative HRM practices thus requires understanding the relevant economic trade-offs, carefully recognizing the costs and benefits of the practices. Such is, broadly speaking, the main focus of my research.


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